Main menu > Resources > Library 

The Library is a useful resource for storage or retrieval of frequently used documents.

The Library is a tree structure of folders and files.

It’s available to all users. 

Your Folders can be shared or unshared with other users. 

R click > Submenu > Unshare

Documents and files can be saved from

  • the web
  • from your computer
  • scanned directly into a folder. 

R click Sub-Menu options within a folder  

  1. Add a new file from your computer
  2. Add a new file from the scan machine 
  3. Create a new Folder
  4. Add an existing Folder from your computer

R click on a primary folder gives the following Sub-Menu options 

  1. Add a new Folder
  2. Add an existing Folder on your computer
  3. Delete a Folder 
  4. Rename a Folder
  5. Unshare a Folder 
  6. Properties