Workcover Certificates

Follow these steps to import the Workcover template into the SpecialistComplete Letter writer 

  1. Click the link for your relevant state below to Download the certificate template and place in a convenient location. Do not open this file. 
  2. Login to SpecialistComplete as the Admin user. 
  3. Open the Letter writer. On the main menu, go to Resources > Letter Writter
  4. In the letter writer Go to File > Click New
  5. On the Template form > double click on “Blank Template”and this will open a blank letter template
  6. Go to File  > Import
  7. Browse to the template that you downloaded in step 1 and click on it
  8. This will import the new template or if updating an old Workcover template it will then overwrite the old one.
  9. Click on menu File > Save as Template
  10. The Template form will appear.
  11. Insert the name of the new template into the field at the bottom of the form.



New South Wales

South Australia

Western Australia