Multidocument Interface 

The MDI speeds up navigation throughout the entire system as multiple forms can be open at the same time.  You can move rapidly between different medical records or to the appointment screen or to messages or billing etc. 

  • Column list
    Displays all open forms 
  • Main menu remains visible 
    Access to all parts of the system is one click away
    No need to close anything to get to somewhere else

Drag n’ Drop

Drag an appointment

  • To another Provider
  • To a different time
  • To another day
  • Stretch appointment time to a longer duration
  • Drag the patient as an attachment to an email

Icon types

Create different Icons types and apply them to appointments

  • Applying an Icon to the an appointment
    • Attach the Icon to the appointment and set an appointment duration. 
      For example
      • New patient
        • 15mins
      • ECG
        • 10mins
      • Long consultation
        • 30mins
      • Excision
        • 45mins
      • Vasectomy
        • 60mins
      • Options are limitless

Appointment STATUS

Changing the status will change the colour.

Colour changes are customizable

  • Waiting
  • DNA
  • Bill held
  • Bill receipted
  • Bulk bill
  • DVA allied health