My Health Record – User guide

User Guide

The following functions may be performed in MY HEALTH RECORD (MHR):

  1. Check Status of MHR
  2. Gain Access to MHR
  3. Download documents from MHR
  4. Upload Shared Health Summary To access the MHR

These conditions are required when executing the MY HEALTH RECORD functionality within the software.

  • The user must have an HPII number in their staff profile
  • The patient must have an IHI number

Gain access to MHR by going to the MHR tab in the Clinical Profile of the patient.

Search IHI number


The Check button determines the status of the MHR for the patient there are four different values for the status of a patient.

  • MHR does not exist – Patient either does not have the MHR or the MHR is hidden
  • MHR exists and is open – Patient has a MHR and no password is required to access

If the patient does not require a password the system will automatically try to gain access to the MHR of the patient when you click on “Check“

  • MHR exists with a password

– Patient has restricted access to MHR. If the patient requires a password the user will have to use the “Gain Access” button to provide a password for the MHR

  • MHR Access Granted – The practice has previously been granted access to the MHR for the patient

Gain Access

Clicking on Gain Access will bring up the following screen

The user can select one of the three different access types.

  • Access Code – The patient has provided a password to gain access then select access type as Access Code and put the password in the access code
  • Emergency – If the patient is not in a state to be able to provide the access code and the doctor needs to access their MHR in an emergency use this type
  • Without Access Code – use this if there is no password protection on the patient’s MHR

Download documents from MHR

The user can get a list of all documents in the MHR for the patient. The user must have been granted access to the patient MHR to be able to retrieve the list of documents.

Once the user has the list of documents they can right click a document and click on View to see the document. They can also remove the document from MHR if they are the author of the document. The See Change History button will show if there is any previous versions of the document.


Upload Shared Health Summary

To upload the shared health summary of the patient click on the New Shared Health Summary button. The doctor must also get consent from the patient and indicate this by selecting the tick box in the MHR tab

The shared health summary has four tabs

  1. Allergies
  2. Medications
  3. Medical History
  4. Immunization

All the data will be derived from the patient’s records. The doctor can select which items to include in the summary. Medical History can be classified as Diagnostic, Procedure or Other by selecting the drop down under History Type column.

If the health summary does not have any item in any of the sections, Allergy, Medication, Diagnostic, Procedure or Immunization then the user must select a reason for not having any item.

After the selections are made the user can click on the Preview button at the bottom of the screen to view the final document.

Once the user is satisfied with the document they can then click on Upload in the preview screen to upload the document to the patient MHR

Any document uploaded to MHR will have a copy stored in the patient’s Correspondence