Referral Templates


Follow these steps to import the referral form templates into the SpecialistComplete Letter writer 

  1. Download the relevant template file by clicking on the link and saving to a convenient location e.g Desktop. Do not open this file
  2. Login to SpecialistComplete as the Admin user.
  3. Open the Letter writer. On the main menu, go to Resources > Letter Writer
  4. In the letter writer Go to File > Modify Template
  5. On the Template form > double click on “Blank Template”and this will open a blank letter template
  6. Go to File > Import
  7. Browse to the template that you downloaded in step 1 and click on it
  8. Select existing workcover template and click ok
  9. This will open the existing template. Go To File > Import
  10. Select the template that you downloaded in step 1
  11. This will import the new template.
  12. Click on menu File > Save as Template
  13. The Template form will appear.
    Insert the name of the new template into the field at the bottom of the form