New Notes

From the Navigation panel select New Notes – or use the Hotkey F3

New Notes


  • Text editor
  • Spelling & Grammar checker (Alt + O)
  • Medical dictionary
  • Track actions in the encounter notes by creating a written flag
    • Creation of a recall
    • Drugs prescribed that are
      • added
      • deleted
      • repeated.
    • Creation of a pathology request
    • Creation of a radiology request
    • Obstetric notes additions
  • Problem Oriented Notes
  • Shortcut Keys to insert Autotemplates
  • Scroll through Old Notes in the same window while entering new notes
  • Autostore of free text values for BP, Weight, Height, BMI into database of measurements
  • System images – mark and annotate each image
  • Systems form 
Systems form

Systems form provides fields for recording notes in an organized way for each system.


To open systems click on the down arrow and the tree will expand then click on the relevant system for which you wish to enter data.

Click here to follow the link in Help Files